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Match the type of retainer clip that is on your keyboard from the selection below and click to view the details.
Do NOT depend on your model number for compatibility.
What you get!
This is not a blank key. You Get the exact key cap that you are replacing. Letter, Number, Punctuation, Operator or Function key. Including Alt, Backspace, Enter, Ctrl, Caps Lock, Spacebar, Shift, Tab and F1-12 keys. Each kit includes 1-Key cap, 1-Retainer clip & 1-Rubber spring cup. Free printed Instructions included with each order.
Click on any clip to , enter Qty kits needed. Complete checkout and leave a message at Details for seller for the Kit # and Key cap that you want. (Example; Kit# T14; Right Alt key kit) if for multiple kits enter (T14; A; B; C key kits) You can email us with the info from the contact seller link.
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